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Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

This post first appeared as a guest post for Anita Mathias’ excellent blog, Dreaming Beneath the Spires.  You can check it out here. Last night I told my husband (slightly sheepishly) that I had bought some MORE children’s books.   I like to buy children’s books and my boy likes to read them. It is […]

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Learning to trust

What does it mean to trust in God? This is my story of my exploration of this issue over the past two years.   Before I got pregnant, I was moderately ill with M.E. This meant that I only had enough energy to work 2 hours a day (10 hours per week) and my mobility […]

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I am not heroic

The best book I’ve read this year is “Suite Francaise” by Irene Nemirovsky, about the French occupation during the Second World War. She was writing in 1942, living in wartime France. It was unfinished, because she was taken to Auschwitz before she had a chance to complete it. Her notebooks have only recently been discovered. […]

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Easily broken

Last week I broke my iPad. Anyone who owns any Apple product will already be inwardly shuddering, but let me spell out the scale of this catastrophe for the uninitiated: It was not just any Apple product, but my NEW shiny iPad, bought for as a gift for Christmas. I use it every day for […]

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Finding a voice

What three adjectives would you use to describe you?

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