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Have mercy on me, a sinner

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that confession would be quite so popular – “1. yelled at my husband before 8am. 2. hated twenty different people on Twitter for being rude. 3. didn’t read the Bible because I couldn’t be bothered #3badthings”. I don’t think it would catch on, somehow.

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What I’m Into (March 2014)

A bunch of us are exploring art journalling for the first time. This is more like a journal than a sketch book or scrap book – where you record your feelings, but through colour and swirls and ‘found poetry’ and quotes. It’s SO MUCH FUN.

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What I’m Into (February 2014)

February was characterised by crazy weather and bad health (hence the super-late arrival of this post linking with Leigh Kramer = apologies). I hovered around the suburbs of an ME relapse at the end of January, but by the first week of Feb I realised I was definitely in Relapseville, and promptly cancelled all fun […]

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