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Does the Internet Reveal the True You?

What’s the best way of getting to know someone—their blog and social media presence, or in person?
Where do you most reveal your true self—in person, or online?
I’m guessing most people would say unhesitatingly, ‘in person.’ But before you confidently plump for that option, consider Jane Austen.

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The Church, Disabled People and Awkwardness

Offers of prayer and alternative medicine come with two big assumptions: that I can be changed (which, outside of a miracle, is unlikely to happen) and that I need to be un-disabled to be okay.

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Can you wear a bikini to church?

..Is the church a safe place to lay bare your soul?

We all want church to be a place of utter authenticity and honesty, but sometimes being honest in a church setting is like stripping off to your underwear, only to find the rest in the home group fully clothed and looking askance at your boldness.

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What I’m Into (July 2015)

I read and sunbathed, and we ate fresh fish by the sea and watched as the boy hopped up and down on the beach, throwing pebbles into the waves. I’m so grateful for the privilege to go.

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Words Can Never Hurt Me

Have you ever taken someone’s hurtful words about you deep into your soul, only to later realise that those words were a lie that you should have rejected?

This post is all about that process, and how to respond when someone’s words cut you to the quick.

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A Better View

There are times when life is a whirlwind and we are whirling within it. Our days had been full of flurry and preparation and whirlwind and now we sat, waiting.

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How to Find Your Muse

I believe that I have a muse, and that she lives in the shower.
I fear that what I have just written may put me firmly in the category of those who are utterly insane, or those who are arrogant enough to believe the world should be hanging on their every word. Or – more simply – ‘writer’, which is a combination of the two.

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What I’m Into (June 2015)

Most of June was about recovering from the Madness of May, focusing on Compassionate Britain, and I didn’t do as much writing as I would have liked. BUT – excitingly! – She Loves Magazine, a wonderful Christian magazine with a heart for social justice, asked me to be a regular contributor and join the esteemed ranks […]

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