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When Good Girls Get Angry

I love the church, and I love the evangelical tradition, but sometimes I fear it has not equipped me for dealing with anger, or indeed any strong emotion. I am here, carried on a whirling tornado of fury, and all the church says is, “Stop feeling angry.”

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Giving up the ghost

“Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.” Jesus – Luke 24:39

I have a confession: I often think of myself as a ghost. I don’t do this consciously, needless to say, but there is something about my self-identity that tends to forget I have a body. As a child, I was bony and awkward, but intelligent.

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The Most Dangerous Thing a Woman Can Do

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever been ashamed of their emotions, anyone who’s felt vulnerable for crying in a public space.

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The Memory Keeper

Eventually I sob out to a few friends on Voxer: Who am I? What am I doing with my life? – and it feels good to have released something. My friend Sarah replies, and says that in lots of cultures around the world, the women, particularly the mothers, are the archivists. They record the memories, take the photos, write the stories.

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Of questions and the nearness of God – Nate Pyle

Unfortunately, far too many of us suffer because we think the questions mean we are not true believers. That if we had a real faith then even in the most tragic of situations we wouldn’t have any questions. That our faith would be unshakeable. Unbreakable. That’s the lie. I can’t help but wonder if the opposite is actually true. What if our questions actually reveal the strength of our faith rather than its weakness?

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Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty – now on Amazon

You can still get it for free by signing up on my website and reading it on PDF or emailed to your Kindle. But – if you love the physicality of books, and you would rather turn pages with your whole hand rather than a finger, my short book on the biblical book of Ruth is now available to purchase, from Amazon, for a mere £3.99 or $5.50.

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The Two Types of Friends

Covenant friends are friends you commit to for life, a bit like a marriage relationship, but without necessarily the geographical proximity. (And without the sex, obviously).

I feel a little embarrassed even comparing platonic friendships with marriage, and I think that sense of shame is worth noting – we have to explain or apologise for close friendships. Our society unconsciously sends the message that intimacy and commitment is reserved only for romantic relationships, so we treat very close friendships with suspicion.

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