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Two words and ten practices for 2017

My one word for the year is Pause. (With ‘play’, as well…) It’s one and a half words. And there are ten practices which I think will help.

When I’m scared to experiment and think I should quit while I’m behind – will you remind me of the freedom to play and try things out?
And when it looks like I’m pushing myself – will you question whether I need to pause a little more?

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Did God or Satan cause Job’s suffering? and other questions – Exeter Church Live Q and A

A month ago I ‘spoke’ at a church in Exeter via a pre-recorded video interview. After they saw it, I called in and we had twenty minutes of Live Q&A via phone. There were some excellent questions, which I tried to do justice to in my answers. Here’s the audio and the transcript.

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What I’m Into Sep Oct 2016

Jon went to his first academic conference as a doctoral student, and I was left home-alone for a week. “How does someone with severe ME look after a child all week and cope alone?” I hear you ponder. The answer is: they don’t.

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Sleepy Wasps and Ecclesiastes

A summer season is fun, but it is not sustainable – not for wasps, not for humans, either.
We are built for variety, and paradoxically even those activities we most love can drain us if it is all we do. We are not robots, machines, productive automatons, and to treat ourselves or others in this way is dangerous and wrong. We are human, and we need the all the seasons.

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What I’m Into (Jul Aug 2016 – the late edition)

Last year, I wrote a popular post entitled ‘When Your Holiday is Not Heaven.’ I stand by that, but this year, my holiday was actually pretty darn close to heaven, and here’s some reasons why:

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Dreaming Big, Living Small (the Mudroom)

What if our hearts still dream big, when we are forced to live small? How much do you sacrifice of yourself to achieve your dream?

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What I’m Into – May June 2016

While British politics has been merrily imploding, I’ve been finally well enough to leave the house. Hence: #millionsmissing ME funding protest, fish and chips by the sea, the boy’s baptism, plus NEW HAIR! TV, music, online recommendations

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My child is scared – what do I say? (for Cindy Brandt)

It is easy enough to dismiss a child’s fears about monsters under the bed, but what about when the monsters are real, and hold guns? How do you respond as a Christian?

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