Two words and ten practices for 2017

Photo credit: Annie Roi (Creative Commons licence)

Photo credit: Annie Roi (Creative Commons licence)

I have long thought that in between the 31st December and 1st January there should be a two-week buffer. January is overwhelming – while you’re still eating the last of the chocolate from Christmas, everyone around you is only drinking juiced kale and seaweed and saying how great they feel. (They’re lying. Hopefully.) There’s a pressure to join in with the ‘one word’ thing that all bloggers do, and all the magazines have suggestions for the ‘new you’.
I like the discipline of reviewing and planning, but I can never quite face it until the calendar clicks over to January. How is it fair to fashion a new you in the space of 24 hours just because it happens to be the 1st of January? (And what if you quite liked the old you?)
In any case, this (and being buried in benefit application forms in January) is my excuse for the considerable delay in announcing my honourable intentions for 2017.
Which one word would I go for this year? Anchored was my word last year, and turned out to be a prophetic in a good way and bad way. I wound up in a relapse situation for about six months of 2016, so was more ill than usual. And yet I also felt protected and anchored in my faith.
It was hard, though, being so ill. The bad months were pretty bad, so much that I told Jon I couldn’t do another winter like that. Well, it’s now 2017, and I’m almost afraid to say it, but because the weather has been so mild in autumn and winter so far, I haven’t caught any viruses since the summer. It’s coughs, colds and bugs that often make the difference for me in having productive and enjoyable housebound life.
So far in 2017 I’m virus-free! This means I want to do All The Things, and experiment with new ventures. In my latest newsletter I wrote about giving yourself permission to experiment (have you subscribed yet? Sign up here). So I want my one word for 2017 to be:
15297337687_a8239fc3b1_z my photo journeys


These are the things I want to experiment in and say ‘yes’ to:
1) Podcasting.
I asked my newsletter subscribers, and you overwhelmingly voted Podcast over YouTube. (This makes things significantly easier for me, since you can podcast in your pyjamas without make up and NOBODY KNOWS!) I have a few ideas gestating for a Podcast channel – more to be revealed soon! I’ll start off with 10ish-minute episodes of my musings, but later in the year, I’m aiming to branch out into interviews on different topics with excellent people. I’m really excited! (If anyone feels like helping guide me through the technical steps to getting started, or any top tips, that would be good!)
2) An Instagram Art Project.
I’m so late to the party. Last year, I was on a Skype call, and my friends Jamie and Beth were nagging me to join Instagram. I looked up from my bed and saw the bookcase and wall. This was my daily view. I couldn’t go around taking beautiful pictures of feathers in stones, or city lights, or yoga poses, or art, or any of the beautiful things my friends put up. But they said, ‘why not take pictures of the mundane?’
This got me thinking: what if I took a picture of what I see everyday – would not even the repetition express something about the life of someone housebound with ME? Thankfully in 2017 I have a better view than just the wall and bookcase, which didn’t change much (though the more keen observer would note the growing pile of unread books). Now my bed’s by the window, and it makes a difference. So over on Instagram I’ll be sharing my ‘room with a view’ pictures each day – I’d love for you to follow me over there and let me know what you think of the experiment. Every day, I take a picture of the view from my room. And every time I leave the house, I take a picture of me. At the end of the year, I’m hoping to put the photos together into a video of a year in my life housebound by M.E. Does that not sound Truly Arty?
3) Getting the Waiting Book out!
I really believed it would be out by the end of 2016 – but 2016 was not kind to my body, and I had to wait – hashtag irony – to work on the edits. I’d love it to be in the hands of readers this year, though I’m working through the process with patience.
4) Doing more devotional reading, and keep reading novels.
Last year I concentrated on saying the daily offices aloud, often with Jon. The trouble with that is that if Jon’s not around I tend to forget. So I’m getting back into Seeking God’s Face by Philip F Reinders. If (or, let’s face it, when) I need a change, maybe dipping my toe back into devotional-style reading, such as Amy Boucher Pye’s Lent book on Forgiveness, Paula Gooder’s liturgical books, Sheridan Voysey’s book on the Sermon on the Mount, or reading Michael Card’s commentary on Matthew. Also aiming to listen to more sermons and conference talks, too. I find listening to stuff harder brain-work than reading, but when my concentration is better I want to try this. I read more novels last year, and it was wonderful to lose myself in different worlds. Yes please to more of this.
5) More friends round.
Last year we really enjoyed hosting parties and having friends for dinner. It is in Jon’s blood to bring people together for excellent, beautiful events, and serve them delicious food and drink. It’s just the way he’s built. Last year we were able to host a party for local clergy families, and a neighbourhood bonfire party, and roast a Christmas for the church PCC and staff. This suits me, because I love talking to people at these things. Jon does the creating, I do the talking, and we’re a pretty good team. I’d like for us to do more of this, health permitting.
That’s a whole lotta ‘yes’. But I don’t have any more time or energy than I did last year. So a wise friend asked me, ‘what are you giving up in order to make space for all this?’ You need to say no to the good in order to make space for the excellent. Your ‘no’ is just as important as your ‘yes’.
Even though my body rests for so much of the time, I always, always need reminding to rest my brain.
So my word of the year for 2017 needs to be ‘Pause’.
6842522895_6e3c600ca4_z Janet Ramsden


1) Pause everyday for 15 minutes, and if possible, look up at the sky.
This is in addition to my normal resting rhythms. MORE about this later – watch this space!!
2) In campaigning for ME and disability rights, be a helper rather than a leader.
Being a writer, teacher, pastor is my passion and joy – campaigning is not. It drains me, both physically and emotionally. It would probably be best for my body to not do any campaigning, but my conscience won’t let me. I don’t think any campaigner or activist really starts off thinking, “what I’d really like to do with my life is campaign” – it’s the injustice that drives you. I can’t see the neglect and abuse of ME patients without wanting to do something – but I am also very aware of my limitations. The road to policy change is paved with the casualties of ME patients who’ve wrecked their health by campaigning. I think of one campaigner, who was an outstanding activist in America, but the campaigning was too much for his body. He crashed, had very severe ME (bed bound, in constant pain) for twenty years, and died by suicide.
What would really, really help is to have more healthy people giving a little of their time to support the ME community’s cause. The governments won’t change until it’s the public demanding change. If you could be one of those people, even if you don’t know much about ME, please sign up for’s newsletter (which keeps you updated on petitions to sign and ways to help), or volunteer for them. (NB #MEAction, rather than Action for ME is my recommendation). And I would be inordinately grateful!
3) Be more disciplined about social media.
My goals are one day per week off social media, and only to look at social media in the afternoons. I find that if I jump on social media right away, it either drains me of creative energy that I could have used for writing, or it distracts me from my body’s cues that I’m tired, so that I emerge after two hours realising I should have really just slept for that time.
4) Don’t buy any new books!
The exclamation mark is entirely warranted – I have over 50 unread books on my shelves and kindle. My book-buying habit is out of control. There will be some exceptions (for example, I just can’t wait to read Alice Broadway’s INK, hotly tipped to be the new Hunger Games – except with less violence, more tea and thoughtful integration of stories and folklore.) But other than a few essential exceptions, I want to read at least two books per month that I already own.
5) Don’t pitch articles to national newspapers.
It’s not like I do this on a regular basis, (mainly because I’m not that keen on rejection) but over the past few years I have written a few articles for newspapers which have never been used. One has been picked up. That’s just the way of things in the journalist world. The pace of writing news-responsive stories is exhausting, even for healthy people. Although I’m very proud of the article on ME I wrote for The Spectator, I’m not a natural journalist, and that type of writing takes me much longer to achieve excellence. Although I still nurse an ambition to have an article in print – on paper – in a major newspaper, I need to give myself the freedom not to invest in this right now. My prayer is that doors in the press will be opened to other ME-writers, and they will be able to spread the word in a way that I can’t.
So – my one word for the year is Pause. (With ‘play’, as well…) It’s one and a half words.
When I’m scared to experiment and think I should quit while I’m behind – will you remind me of the freedom to play and try things out?
And when it looks like I’m pushing myself – will you question whether I need to pause a little more?
Thank you – and thank you for coming with me on this journey and for reading my words. It means so much. Happy New-ish Year!
Over to you:

  • Do you have a ‘one word’ or resolutions for the year? What are yours?

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18 Responses to Two words and ten practices for 2017

  1. Elizabeth Trotter 7th February, 2017 at 10:24 am #

    Your #4!!! That is so me! I am trying to commit to that as well. I have way too many books I haven’t read, that I want to read, but then more new books keep coming out and I want to read them too. It is hard to be a book lover! This year I went ahead and made categorized lists of all the books I have in print and on kindle that I want to read. I’d love to get to them this year but I realize that’s probably not realistic. However I think it will keep me more accountable to finish them. I do love to check things off of lists. 🙂

    As to #3, we just tried 2 full weeks away from it and from email, and it was so amazing. Made me realize just how stressful it is. It had become a part of daily life that I never questioned. I’d done 3-5 days away from tech before, and felt just fine during the fast, but went right back into my old patterns when I was done. This time around I felt a noticeable difference coming back to the internet, and it makes me more motivated to contain that online time.

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:09 pm #

      OO! I need to make a list and categorise and whatnot. This could be the way forward. Re the social media thing – just had two weeks away from it and really, really needed it. I find it hard knowing how to be in it without completely plunging in it.

  2. JA Andrews 26th January, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    I love so much about this, Tanya! I especially love your pictures of the sky. (and I’m not on Instagram and can’t bring myself to join any more social media sites, so be sure to share them on FB sometimes too! Or all the time!)

    I’m going to adopt your 15 minute pause habit. I need this. I need to be quiet and still the nagging to-do list.


    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:16 pm #

      Yay! Let’s pause together! (or something!) Thanks for always cheering me on

  3. Margaret 26th January, 2017 at 10:47 am #

    I want 2 words for the year: notice and help. It is too easy for me to get tied up in routine busy-ness and miss the really important.

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:17 pm #

      Here’s to having two words of the year! Hope they serve you well

  4. Lesley Hargreaves 26th January, 2017 at 7:11 am #

    Am loving your posts. I am now thinking of a word/phrase for the year. Like you, I would need to think a little later. I am usually quite demoralised by the return to work etc after Christmas so my word would probably be a bit negative! Thanks for the inspiration

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:17 pm #

      Oh, I hear you with the demoralisation of return post-Christmas! Have you had any thoughts yet about a possible word/phrase?

      • Lesley Hargreaves 26th February, 2017 at 3:13 pm #

        Yup but its two words, it’s “Deeper Waters” about me pushing out a bit more. Not always into super spiritual areas. Even stuff like resolving to take the car to work once a week so I don’t get “car phobic” (I usually walk because one hour of rain in Plymouth usually means every roundabout is completely gridlocked!) But also in spiritual areas and socially (I am bit too shy sometimes) So no pressure at all!

        • Tanya 30th June, 2017 at 5:38 pm #

          I love these challenges to yourself, and your honesty here. And yes – rain in Plymouth!! Frustrating. How is the Deeper Water challenge going so far?

  5. christina 25th January, 2017 at 2:43 pm #

    Dear Tanya! Thank you for all your wonderful posts, the wisdom, the honesty, the wonderful books I read because you recommended them…you are such a blessing! I am not on Instagram but I love to visit this space here. My “one word” is: hopeful. I want to let go of my own expectation for the future but be full of hope that God meets us with all his goodness…
    (and I love play and pause!!! Ever time I hear someones one word I think: Oh man, I wish it would be mine :-)) Lots of love to you and a year filled with peace and joy with “the God of green hope” !!!

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:18 pm #

      Thank you so much for your words of blessing! I really appreciate it. ‘Hopeful’ is such a wonderful – and courageous – word. Will be really interested to hear where it takes you this year.

  6. Penelope Swithinbank 25th January, 2017 at 9:40 am #

    I too can’t reflect and review and plan until mid January – I set aside an afternoon last week and sat in the sun in the summer house and allowed myself the time to review last year and reflect upon it; then I prayed and planned and looked at this year. My word is stability; I have let go or the need to perform and perfect and please; and I am working on living and loving wholeheartedly (which would look different for each person).
    I am not on Instagram, so won’t see your photos; but look forward to following the blog again, Tanya! thank you for sharing.

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:20 pm #

      Stability – such a challenge for those of us who are pioneers – to stay in one place awhile (literally and metaphorically) can be as difficult as hopping around everywhere else. Thanks for your encouragement, Penelope.

  7. Jennie 25th January, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Great post, and great words, Tanya. My word for the year is ‘laugh’. I used to be known for my laugh – people always knew when I was coming because my laugh echoed down the corridors ahead of me. I realised recently that no one has said anything like that about me for several years. I haven’t laughed till I cried for I don’t know how long. I haven’t had a good, foot-stomping, side-splitting, laughing-so-hard-people-have-to-remind-me-to-breathe laugh for as long as I can remember. I miss it. I love to laugh. So that’s my word for the year. Loosen up. Hang out with people who make me laugh, and who I can let myself go with. Recapture my laughter. (I still think I’m pretty joyful, and people mention my smile, but I want to take it further and laugh.) If you want me, I’ll be up on the ceiling with Mary Poppins’ Uncle Albert.

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:21 pm #

      This is kinda poignant. It’s weird when you look back and think, ‘that was me…and it’s not now.’ But i love the impetus to spend time laughing and being with good people. I’ll look out for you when I next visit Uncle Albert 🙂

  8. Penelope Wallace 25th January, 2017 at 9:18 am #

    Lots of wisdom here – we often all need to pause. I’m not on Instagram so won’t see the pictures, but wishing you all the best pausing and playing in 2017.

    • Tanya 20th February, 2017 at 4:21 pm #

      Thanks, Penelope. And at the end of the year I want to do something with the pictures to make them into some kind of art.

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