Blessed Are the Overdramatic (She Loves)

Blessed are the overdramatic – for so were all the prophets of God. Blessed are the oversensitive, the overwhelmed, for your lament is a holy work

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jesus sculpture

Which enneagram type was Jesus?

We use labels to shut people up and shut conversation down, but the enneagram should do the opposite. The enneagram should start conversations, not end them.

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Book Reviews Winter 2016-17

However, I also did some reading. So here is a juicy selection of fourteen kids’ books, adult fiction, and Christian books out there.

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Two words and ten practices for 2017

My one word for the year is Pause. (With ‘play’, as well…) It’s one and a half words. And there are ten practices which I think will help.

When I’m scared to experiment and think I should quit while I’m behind – will you remind me of the freedom to play and try things out?
And when it looks like I’m pushing myself – will you question whether I need to pause a little more?

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Best Christian Books and Gift Ideas 2016

My 10 Best Christian Books of 2016 PLUS 7 great gift ideas for Christmas. Though these were not necessarily all published in 2016, these are the ones I read this year that I think will be most helpful or appealing to readers of this blog (or just my favourites).

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Best Fiction Books 2016

I vowed to read some more novels this year, and – oh boy – I read some absolute gems. Here were the best 12 fiction books I read in 2016:

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More Light – Advent Week 2

I’m thinking of all who are waiting for the Light, in the midst of dark times. And I’m thankful for the Prophets – both biblical and contemporary, who remind us to see with spiritual eyes, beyond the darkness and war, to the peace and Light that will come.

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Advent Resources 2016

Advent begins this Sunday, but if you’re quick you can get these Advent resources in time. Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas – including EVERYTHING – Advent Courses, Books, Advent Calendars, Children’s books and Christmas music.

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