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Advent poem at the Mudroom – The God Who Waits

“All heaven was waiting on a human word
before the Word would be made human.

Before God became incarnate,
God waited for human assent.”

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Joy in a Minor Key – Mudroom

Sometimes life is like that. We have joy, but in a minor key. This life mixes up the best and beautiful with the ugly and evil of the world, and sometimes they play at the same time. As I approach Advent, the season of waiting and in-between, I want to be honest about the joy and the sorrow together.

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Best Advent Resources 2015

Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas – including Advent Courses, Books, Advent Calendars, Children’s books and Christmas music.

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Advent resources and e-course

Advent means ‘coming’. We tend to think of Advent as preparing for Christmas (ie preparing for remembering Jesus’ first coming), but traditionally the focus was on preparing our hearts for Jesus’ second coming.

Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas:

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Unexpected arrival (Advent 4)

Waiting for Jesus is something we do as we go about our daily lives. It is not an airport lounge. It’s a very long third trimester.

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We groan as we wait (Advent 3)

Groans preceded Christ’s coming. He was born in pain into a world of pain. And as we wait, groans precede His second coming.

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Waiting Room (Advent 1)

We wait for Christ’s return, living in the in-between, without knowing when it will be.  To wait is to surrender our control. To wait is to trust in God.

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Advent and Christmas Recommendations, (Books, Music, and E-Courses)

Advent is a penitential season (like Lent). Traditionally, this was a time of fasting and prayer before the feasting of Christmas. Here is a selection of the best resources (books, music, e-course) to help you mark Advent and prepare for Christmas.

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