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Tipping Point

Sometimes we’re just part of the build-up. 

But praise heaven, there’s always a tipping point, however impossible it may seem. and together we can be people who nudge a situation a little closer to being good.

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Why Pray for Healing? Premier Podcast on Prayer 3

Welcome to the third and final broadcast on this short series on prayer, for Premier Christian Radio – this time on ‘Why Pray for Healing?’

The first 3-4 minute segment was for Rick Easter’s The Worship Hour show, on ‘Why Pray?’ and the second segment was for the same show the next day, this time on ‘Praying When You Feel Empty. This third session was broadcast on the Woman to Woman show, on Friday 2 June.

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The Curious Blessing of Rejection

The truth is those words of rejection don’t get to define us. We know not what the future holds, and it is a mistake to project the ‘now’ onto the ‘not yet’.

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My one word for 2016

What’s your ‘one word’ for 2016? If you haven’t come across One Word 365 yet, it’s a fun alternative to New Year Resolutions.

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Poem for a Blue Christmas

If this year you’re feeling quite blue
And your patience is all but worn through
If your children are restive
Or your nose is congestive
And you wish that the old year was new

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Beauty in the Brokenness – Helen Austin

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of using gold to fill cracks in broken pottery, or to weld together broken pieces. The object is then seen just as beautiful as before, if not even more beautiful.
Beauty is found in the brokenness.

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The Day I Went to a Faith Healer

We think we can buy healing. People of faith do it with earnest prayer; others of us do it with private doctors or alternative healers, fitness regimes and juicing. Of course, sometimes, for some people, it works, and their stories persuade us that it will work for all. Whether by prayer or our own efforts, we want to believe healing is within our control.

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We know the ending (on Cinderella and suffering)

For anyone lost in the middle of sadness and pain: this is for you. You know, somewhere in the recesses of your mind, that one day, there will be no mist, and even the brightness of the sun will be surplus to requirements because the beautiful, rainbow-glory of God will be shining, iridescent and glorious. You know that what you see now is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal

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