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ME is not exercise phobia, it’s a physical illness

“Enter Spectator writer Rod Liddle, who’s baffled by ME patients wanting better treatment than this… With a strange logic, he asserts that because ME patients deny that they have a psychiatric disorder, this proves they have a psychiatric disorder.

“Meanwhile, people are quietly dying of ME.”

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The gift of knowing a suffering God

Whenever I’m feeling the sense of shame of not achieving as much as I would have liked, I remind myself that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. Change often comes through lots of people doing small things imperfectly.

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I’m in an ME awareness mini-documentary (Change for M.E. Campaign)

It is not just the lack of make-up that makes me feel particularly vulnerable and ‘naked’ about this film: I tell stories here that I have confided to very few others. The aim is to assist awareness of this much-misunderstood disease, and to campaign for a review of the Nice guidelines for M.E./CFS in the UK.

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Kick Up, Not Down

If we feel a lack of power, we take it out on those who have even less power than us. We kick down, not up. If our boss yells at us, we get cranky with our children.

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Are We Doing Harvest Festival Wrong?

The subtitle for this piece could be ‘Why I think it would be awesome if I led a Harvest Festival assembly where I lit a cigarette and made all the children cry’.

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#Refugeeswelcome – a collection of helpful links

We knew that the refugee crisis was bad – the people drowning in the seas, the ‘jungle church’ at Calais, but sometimes it takes the death of one person, one beautiful child, to remind us of our common humanity, to turn the ‘Them’ into ‘Us’. Some images still have the power to change the world.

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Slowly, then all at once

The Kingdom of God is frustrating, mysterious, slow, inefficient.

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Permission to Fail

Whenever you feel a burning desperation to change the world, my advice to you is to get sleep-deprived and weak. Be so weak that you know your dream is impossible, and you will probably fail. Be okay with that. Turn off the logic and the fear, and give yourself permission to fail.
Something is better than nothing. Do that something.

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