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What I’m Into (August 2014)

The boy charmed all the waitresses by telling them how old he was in Italian and singing them nursery rhymes. I felt VERY smug as a parent, which is really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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Brokenness under the skin {guest post}

Half an hour earlier, I’d sent my wife and kids off to school. Normally I’d get up before they went but it’d been a bit chaotic so I was grabbing some breakfast, and about to go for a shower.

“I’m in an ambulance. Sam has had a massive seizure. Get to the hospital.”

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Troubles {guest post}

Because I have lost my son and I miss him every day.  And seven years hasn’t begun to heal the hurt of not being able to hold him.  And Jesus is still enough. 

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What I’m into (July 2013)

The wonderful Leigh Kramer does a monthly ‘what I’m into’ post, and I thought that was a fab idea! So I’m linking up with her, and do take a while to look round her blog– she’s one of the nicest people in the blogosphere.     Living life in an ME relapse July was characterised […]

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Learning to play {Christianity and Creativity series}

Alice Buckley is one of those souls whose words are filled with light and Jesus, even when she doesn’t seem to know it. She writes on how she teaches the Bible creatively to kids, including disabled children. I am privileged to count her as a dear friend, and she has wise words to say on […]

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Kangaroos and writing

He had finished twirling and now he was jumping. Concentration, both knees bent, then a tiny flight in the air and a big thump forward. That’s a jump.   Watching my toddler, it looked like a whole lot of effort. It’s surprising how quickly we forget, how these things become second nature. (Not that I […]

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On penguins and parenting

It had been about four months since our lives had been irreparably split open and we were on the sofa together, watching TV.   It had been four months since I gave birth, since the exertion of labour tipped my illness into ‘severe’, since the world outside had become closed to me; friendships paused, visits […]

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Speaking Life, Disarming Love {guest post}

  There’s a richness and prophetic insight to Suzannah Paul‘s words that I cannot get enough of. She fights for justice in the best of ways, through powerful peace. Over to Suzannah:   They’re willful, the both of them. Like their mama, I suppose. Not much for people pleasing or authority. (Like their mama?)   […]

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