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Non-fiction book reviews May June 2017

Reviewing seven books I read in May-June 2017, including: Amy Young – Love, Amy; Simon P. Stocks – Songs of Suffering; Nell Goddard – Musings of a Clergy Child; Esther Emery – Twenty Tiny Stories from the Woods; Virginia Woolf – A Room of One’s Own; Julie Rehmeyer – Through the Shadowlands

Ed Cyzewski – Flee, Be Silent, Pray. Get it for $2.53 from Amazon.com, £1.99 Amazon.co.uk or £8.52 Wordery.com (free shipping worldwide).

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Through the Shadowlands – Julie Rehmeyer (A Review)

Through the Shadowlands is a fascinating memoir, with a compelling story, nuggets of wisdom, and a thorough survey of the scientific research around ME and mould- based illnesses. It is a science-writer’s personal story of contracting ME – (myalgic encephalomyelitis, labelled as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the US), and how she made a good, though not full, recovery via extreme mould avoidance and psychological ‘brain retraining’.

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Fiction Book Reviews – Spring 2017

In Feb – April 2017 I read some real crackers – including (finally) braving the Hunger Games. Read on for reviews of 8 great fiction books! (And see yesterday for great recommendations of Christian books). In no particular order, these were the eight fiction books I read:

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Christian Book Reviews – Spring 2017

In Feb – April 2017 I read some great Christian books – including some more academic theology. Read on for six recommendations! (And tomorrow – nine fantastic fiction books!)

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Book Reviews Winter 2016-17

However, I also did some reading. So here is a juicy selection of fourteen kids’ books, adult fiction, and Christian books out there.

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Best Christian Books and Gift Ideas 2016

My 10 Best Christian Books of 2016 PLUS 7 great gift ideas for Christmas. Though these were not necessarily all published in 2016, these are the ones I read this year that I think will be most helpful or appealing to readers of this blog (or just my favourites).

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Best Fiction Books 2016

I vowed to read some more novels this year, and – oh boy – I read some absolute gems. Here were the best 12 fiction books I read in 2016:

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Advent Resources 2016

Advent begins this Sunday, but if you’re quick you can get these Advent resources in time. Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas – including EVERYTHING – Advent Courses, Books, Advent Calendars, Children’s books and Christmas music.

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