To the One Bruised by Church (at Off the Page)

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We were the spiritual walking-wounded, but we had found a safe place online to be honest. Listening to their stories taught me this: wilderness times feel like a punishment of exclusion but often they are an act of God’s mercy. The places they had left were so hostile it was better to be out from them.


This has a biblical precedent. When the Israelites first came to Egypt with Joseph, it was a land of blessing, but over time it had transformed into a land of slavery. Though they were chased into the wilderness by angry Egyptians, ultimately it was God who had called them temporarily into a deserted land where they were free, and then onto a new home.


I started to wonder: can we reframe our experiences in the wilderness? Rather than being a curse, what if spiritual wilderness is a strange blessing?

I’m excited to be writing my debut post for Off the Page. Already it’s been shared hundreds of times on Facebook, and it seems to be hitting a nerve. Won’t you come with me and read the rest? 

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  1. Alina 31st October, 2017 at 12:00 pm #

    Congratulations! I love Off the Page, and enjoyed your article!

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