Alexander’s Story – Prepare Them Room 3

*** 2018 update – the whole Prepare Them Room series has moved from Off The Page and can now be found here ***

“You can feel the pull of stars on the earth. We began studying history alongside the planetary movements and lunar cycles – that’s when it gets really interesting. Each month, at full moon, the world goes slightly mad. Research it – it’s true.  When Jupiter is in Leo, the level of the Euphrates waters rise; crops fail, the people revolt. A big event in world history makes for a big celestial event – or vice versa.

“What comes first: God clashing the stars, so it causes people to act in strange and wonderful ways, or God foreseeing the affairs of men and marking them in the sky?”

This is the latest in my Prepare Them Room series for Off the Page, in which I attempt to make maths sound poetic. I think I fell a little in love with the character of Alexander as I was writing him. See the Advent story through the lens of hospitality and refugees – this week it’s the turn of the wise men. Come with me to Off the Page to check it out. 




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  1. Andrew Smith 18th December, 2017 at 11:02 am #

    Another perceptive reflection, Tanya. Looking forward to the fourth…!

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