We Are All Disabled (She Loves Magazine)

“Like most labels, disability does not come unaccompanied. It carries a whole set of subsidiary labels.

“The positive ones: Hero. Brave soul. Possible Paralympian.

“The negative ones: Weak. Demanding. Stupid. Incapable of speech. Incapable of thought. A different species. A non-person. A burden. A should-have-been-aborted. (Thanks, Dawkins, for that one.)

“We are all disabled. We are all weak in different ways.

“We are all occasionally lazy, occasionally heroic. We are all needy, and rely on the kindness of others to survive.”

I’m over at She Loves Magazine talking disability, labels, and that time I got treated like a suitcase on a British Airways flight – won’t you come over with me?  

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  1. Michael Wenham 5th September, 2016 at 4:18 pm #

    Yes. It sucks.

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