Are We Doing Harvest Festival Wrong?


Photo Credit: Alwyn Ladell

Photo Credit: Alwyn Ladell

I’m over at Premier Christianity blog today with an awesome blog post about why I think Harvest Festival is controversial. The subtitle for this piece could be ‘Why I think it would be awesome if I led a Harvest Festival assembly where I lit a cigarette and made all the children cry’.

Here’s a snapshot:

“It highlights something ugly that we would rather not think about as our children clutch our leftover tins. Yes, we need God to provide our daily bread, and we should thank Him. But what message are we communicating – that God blesses us with food and not the swollen-bellied children of Burkina Faso?

“We cannot ignore the fact that our communal sin is the cause of poverty, and still claim our Festival as an act of worship. As Newell Hendricks pointed out: ‘We have, because they have not. We are rich because they are poor.’ We are all implicated in this national, international, communal sin.

“We are not Santa Claus or Superman in this scenario; we are thieves, handing back only some of what we stole.


I’m courting controversy with this guest post over at Premier Christianity, which makes me a little nervous, but there are some important truths that need to be voiced. Won’t you be gracious enough to come along with me?

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