Cure vs Healing – the Mudroom

“All this makes me think larger than the realm of medicine – to the wider definition of pain and suffering in our world. Right now, racism and the evils of white supremacy is at the forefront of my mind, but this also applies to conflict, wars, abuse, suffering.

We desire that simple pattern:

Problem; prayer; God’s power; cured.

But our world is often messier than that.

So often as Christians we want to run in with a cure – for sick people, and the world at large – but we are called to the slower work of healing.

It takes discipline to put our own fears and discomfort aside as we listen to someone’s desperately difficult situation when we have no answers.”

I’m continuing the conversation about healing and limitations, and talking about the difference between healing and cure.

Won’t you come with me to the Mudroom and read the full post?


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