Dreaming Big, Living Small (the Mudroom)


“This is what I wrestle with: what if our hearts still dream big, when we are forced to live small? If I give up my drive to Make a Difference, will this bring peace to me, or will I lose the essence of my character? Societal change always comes through people being prepared to sacrifice of themselves – but when is it too costly? How much do you sacrifice of yourself to achieve your dream?”
After an unintentional blogging break (blame the sun for being in my back garden…) I’m over at The Mudroom today, talking about dreaming big and living small – won’t you come on over with me? 

P.S. Soul BareCara Sexton, IVP USA 2016, a collection of diverse voices (including me!) talking about authenticity and vulnerability –  is now out!


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2 Responses to Dreaming Big, Living Small (the Mudroom)

  1. YudiT 21st April, 2017 at 10:53 pm #

    Big and small are relative and it is to some extent a matter of perception. It sounds to me that you are achieving big dreams. You are reaching lot of people, published books. Spending time in sunny Greece with you son watching pink flowers sounds to me quite big.

  2. Shaz T 21st August, 2016 at 1:59 pm #

    Oh I loved this article. Man, I have wrestled with this issue. I too took on every saying with exclamation points ever mention at our youth group. No one ever told me that the bravest, most amazing thing we could do for God was to stick with your husband and children when the going gets tough, to smile when you want to scream, or to cut loose toxic relationships when you struggle to merely have the energy to breathe. Thanks for the great writing.

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