Every Shattered Thing

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I can’t quite remember when it started: the process of events that made me more aware of the problem of slave-trade and issue of sex trafficking in today’s world. There was a song by Matt Redman, and some kind of gut-punching statistic about there being more slaves now than ever before. But it was all vague – until this book, which made me see the issue in a fresh and real way.
My friend, Elora Ramirez, (pictured above) writes passionately and compassionately, and is the mastermind behind Story 101, the online writing course I have been doing. (She also always has amazingly beautiful nails in many different colours.)
Her novel released this week and I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy. It’s called Every Shattered Thing, about Stephanie, a girl from a difficult background who finds herself caught up in a world of sex-trafficking. It’s written in a young adult style, and has a love story element, and is gripping and powerful.
I don’t usually like young adult style books, but this one totally won me over. It is the kind of book that you experience rather than merely read – you find yourself caught up in the action, rooting for the characters, and feeling the tension as it all unfolds.
I read it in just two sittings, which is unusual for me. I was turning the pages fast, and having to read the very next chapter. I found myself moved to tears at several points. This book changed me: it particularly changed how I think about women in the sex trade, and made me consider just how widespread an issue it is.
I would think this would be an amazing discussion point for older teenagers (note: contains swearing, and reference to sexual violence though not sexually explicit scenes), students and potentially church groups as well, because it brings these difficult issues to light in such a powerful way. It’s also just a really good story, and one that has stayed with me. (I’m hoping there’s going to be a sequel!)
Every shattered thing
It is available in ebook format for now, at a bargainously cheap price of £1.98 / $3.08 from Amazon. (Paperback will follow soon.)
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3 Responses to Every Shattered Thing

  1. Hazel 3rd September, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Dear Tanya,
    Thanks for posting this, I’m going to send a link to some of my friends who are involved in caring for young women caught up in this awful ‘trade’.

    The online writing course you went on sounds exciting!

  2. Mia 31st August, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    Dear Tanya
    Human trafficking escalated into serious proportions in South Africa and I am glad that our government has instituted strict legislation in our country! Tanya, this is something that is just not human; to use little ones as sex slaves. It breaks my heart.
    Much love and sweet blessings, dear friend XX


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