Has God got it wrong? (Living your Plan B)

What we think of as our greatest achievements, may, in the light of eternity, be nothing; what we think of as our weakness may, in the light of eternity, be our greatest achievement.

I’m delighted to be over at Bible Reflections today, writing why living our ‘Plan B’ may not be such a bad thing, after all. Do check out the other great articles while you’re there. Won’t you come on over with me?

(NB this is adapted from an earlier post, so long-term readers may find it strangely familiar!)

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2 Responses to Has God got it wrong? (Living your Plan B)

  1. Janice 29th May, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    (commenting a bit late, as I do so often lately…trying to spend more time doing the things I should be doing every day and a little less time online…) 🙂

    I thought this article was great (I read your sloth one too, and I think both posts contribute to my response here).

    Every once in a while in my life I realize that God isn’t the business man I expect him to be. My idea of how to use everyone in life efficiently and exactly according to their strengths is clearly not God’s idea at all. I often think about the old testament and how the Levites were the priests. It wasn’t determined by a survey of each Israelite’s spiritual gifts as to who was the most priestly, God assigned a certain group to it and that was their job. This really gets me thinking. I feel like Christians (and I’m guilty too) spend a LOT of time trying to figure out what our gifts and strengths are so that we can serve God more effectively. But I don’t think God’s plans line up the same way. I think it’s more along the lines of serving where he’s put you doing what you can see needs to be done. There’s so much there about how he is strong when we are weak and depending on him instead of doing the things we KNOW we are good at and having the comfort of feeling self-sufficient. I’m not saying people shouldn’t do things that they’re good at, just wondering at the fact that we seem to assume God always wants us to do those thing too.

    Ok, that was WAY longer than I meant it to be and I don’t know if I said it well, but you know I think God uses you mightily from your bed. 🙂 Hoping you feel better soon and praying that you are aware of God even when you are not where/how you want to be.

    much love, friend.

    • Tanya 29th May, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

      Yes to all of this – to the surprising (and objectionable) inefficiency of God, to the calling which is not ‘Calling’ but just getting on with it (which was the first ever blog post I wrote!)

      I love your thoughts on the Levites. That’s so true, and i’d never quite thought of it that way before. It reminds me as well that we are called to be a nation of priests, not because of our suitability to be priests, but simply because we now find ourselves in that family line.

      There’s something so freeing about that.

      I always love your thoughts, Janice – and I’m often late. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! xx

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