Herod’s Story: Prepare Them Room 2

*** 2018 update – the whole Prepare Them Room series has moved from Off The Page and can now be found here ***

“I am just the handmaid of the subconscious will of the people.

You don’t want a messiah, not really. Think of it: there would be chaos. “I’m the messiah!” says one. Then in joins another. And before you know it, there’s dissatisfaction, in-fighting, rebellions – and that’s when the Romans start taking notice of us.

You think killing a few infants in one measly town is bad? Think about what the Romans would do to us! Do you have any idea how fragile our status is? It’s all very well saying you’re trusting in God, but I know the power of the Romans, and God doesn’t look like he’s coming to rescue us anytime soon.”

This is my second creative piece for Off the Page in the Prepare Them Room series, on hospitality and refugees in the Christmas story.

Read this and ask yourself: do I recognise any world leaders here? And the more uncomfortable question – do I recognise myself here?
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  1. Andrew Smith 11th December, 2017 at 10:30 am #

    “I’m my own messiah.” How hard it is for us to relinquish control over our lives. Thank you, Tanya, for helping us to identify the Herod in all of us.

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