Kick Up, Not Down

“We do this all the time. If we feel a lack of power, we take it out on those who have even less power than us. We kick down, not up. If we have a stressful day at work and our boss yells at us, we get cranky with our children…
“When Jesus came, he spoke words of kindness to those who were powerless in that society: the foreigner, those who were disabled and unemployed, women, children. He didn’t blame them for the corruption of society. Jesus kicked upwards: he overturned tables in the temple and preached angry words against the leaders who were exploiting the poor and vulnerable. It didn’t make him popular, but it did make him just.”

I’m talking about kicking up, not down at She Loves Magazine – taking in wheelchairs, buses, the economic collapse of 2008, Job – and Jesus. Won’t you come with me?


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