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Fun Facts:

  • When I was seven I wanted to be the youngest published author EVER, or a professional musician.
    Or a secretary. (Being practically minded, I had a back-up plan).
  • I am a recovering perfectionist.
  • I once held a crocodile. (It may or may not have been a baby crocodile. Still, those things can take your finger off and I was extraordinarily brave).
  • I majored in English Literature as an undergraduate, and I’m a book fiend. When I was a kid, I used to have at least six books on the go at any one time, and store them under my pillow. I still have at least six books on the go, but have since improved the storage conditions.
  • My family are from Africa, and I love its colour, heat and culture of hospitality.
  • Pre-illness, I was a runner, and would run 5 miles, three times a week.
  • I am small but loud. (5’4″ and used to be able to sing opera).
  • I have a post-graduate qualification in counselling, and I enjoy spiritual mentoring.
  • I got up to ‘Lower Grade One’ in Ballet before discovering, at the age of 6, that I was utterly malco-ordinated and would never make it as a ballerina. Now I just enjoy watching it instead.
  • I’m an extrovert, a ‘2’ on the enneagram (with a 1 wing, tritype 251 – the mentor), and an ENFJ with a general love of all personality quizzes.
  • I love good poetry, especially the Romantic Poets and Emily Dickinson, but can’t write it.

More of my passions: 

  • deconstructing perfectionism
  • answering the tricky questions of faith that most avoid
  • telling the truth sideways – creative ways of enjoying the Bible
  • describing the reality of chronic illness
  • training, mentoring and coaching others
  • finding hope in hard places
  • love – especially in marriage and parenting

A few of my favourite things:

  • singing and listening to opera arias (Cecilia Bartoli is my favourite)
  • eating dark chocolate and drinking black coffee (de-caff, sadly)
  • laughing at my own jokes
  • watching the sea
  • taking endless photos at family trips out
  • TV dinners with reruns of Gilmore Girls
  • murder mysteries (I like to pretend I’m a Sherlock-ian Poirot-esque detective)
  • trailing my hand out of the window in the car and feeling the wind between my fingers (always assuming I’m the passenger, not the driver)
  • dinner parties and storytelling
  • Florence (the place, not your aunt) and Greek islands

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3 Responses to More About Me

  1. Alex Gowing Cumber 24th January, 2019 at 3:45 am #

    So pleased to have found you , I’m a Church of England priest , I’m paraplegic and on the autistic spectrum . I live with 24/7 care . I’m an artist and a person who runs out of words and uses non verbal communication …. all quite interesting as also dealing with severe hearing loss and visual motorcprocessing stuff ….. so a shakey , bed based , not seeing or hearing well person making good if blurry art ( Monet eat your heart out )
    I do facilitate art workshops for people living with dementia and learning disabilities and run a therapy practice working one to one with a variety of individuals . I do take occasional services especially at the 800 year old Church where my better half is warden . I’m in love with a pug dog . The daily service on radio 4 long wave is vital to my routine at 945 each day . Especially praying the Lord’s Prayer with people from all over the place . Dave Lucas and his disability and Jesus work and his friendship and weekly phone calls also sustain me .

  2. Julia Chambeyron 20th October, 2015 at 10:59 am #

    Dear Tanya
    Thanks for your blog and sharing your situation. I would love to interact with you! I am an Anglican priest living in France and struggling with a chronic balance disorder which I have had for 12 years. I write articles on Compromised Health for a forum a friend of mine has set
    I have just ordered your book in hard copy as can’t read for long from a screen. I really look forward to reading it – love the story of Ruth.

    • Tanya 2nd November, 2015 at 4:58 pm #

      Thanks so much for connecting with me! I really appreciate it. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in the Anglican church in France – my instinct is that it’s a hard job! It’s great to meet you. Thank you so much for ordering my book! I’d love to know what you think of it when you’re done.

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