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Rally Book Giveaway

Giveaway – I have two copies of Rally – Communal Prayers for Lovers of Jesus and Justice – ed. Britney Winn Lee to give away.

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Giveaway – Cara Meredith’s Author Tuesday

“I wanted to write a true book about the cost of waiting, and the disappointment, doubt and delay that comes with it. But what surprised me as I delved into the Bible figures was the sheer kindness of God.”

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Those Who Wait – Cover Reveal and 3 Announcements

So I commissioned the best artist I know (Jon Marlow, who happens to be married to me), and the best graphic designer I know, Laura Pasterfield (who happens to also be an ordained minister). They have captured the heart and feel of this book so well in this cover. Here it is:

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Announcing – Those Who Wait Book

Drumroll! Announcing: 

Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay

– Tanya Marlow 

Coming 16 Oct 2017

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5 Reasons to Love Book Groups (Soul Bare Giveaway)

In my chapter for Soul Bare, I write about how a book club exposed the truth of my life in a surprising way.
So – whether you are in a book group or not – here are five reasons to love book groups (plus Soul Bare GIVEAWAY!)

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Announcing Soul Bare (Coming August 2016)

I contributed a chapter to a wonderful project called Soul Bare – ed. Cara Sexton, and I’m delighted to announce that it’s being published by IVP in Aug 2016.

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What I’m Into (January 2015)

It went something like this: Jon and I told the boy we were having a book launch party. The boy, quite reasonably, thought that ‘party’ meant ‘party’, i.e. an event with lots of people to celebrate the launch of my book, but we disappointed him by telling him there were no presents at Book Launch Parties, or in our case, any guests . We were celebrating with a steak dinner and an early night. Nevertheless, the boy was very taken by drinking fizzy elderflower drink out of a champagne glass after bedtime, and decided he would quite like a launch party of his own.

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Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty – now on Amazon

You can still get it for free by signing up on my website and reading it on PDF or emailed to your Kindle. But – if you love the physicality of books, and you would rather turn pages with your whole hand rather than a finger, my short book on the biblical book of Ruth is now available to purchase, from Amazon, for a mere £3.99 or $5.50.

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