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Permission to Fail

Whenever you feel a burning desperation to change the world, my advice to you is to get sleep-deprived and weak. Be so weak that you know your dream is impossible, and you will probably fail. Be okay with that. Turn off the logic and the fear, and give yourself permission to fail.
Something is better than nothing. Do that something.

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The day that changed my life

I was seventeen, and alone, crying uncontrollably in the corridor. And I went to my French lesson anyway. ******* It was the end of form period and the bell had just rung for the final lesson of the day. “Tanya, could you stay behind for a moment?” my form tutor asked. I nodded, surprised. I […]

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All Change

It’s ‘Five minute Friday’ time, joining with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us 1 word, we write for 5 minutes flat – no backtracking or editing, throwing caution to the wind. Check out others’ five-minute offerings by clicking on the button below.   This is my best five minutes on ‘Change’ There’s a coolness in the […]

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