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TV – TBN interview with Patrick Regan on grief and lockdown

Patrick Regan has an excellent series on TBN television: Kintsugi hope. This is our conversation about the grief process in times of long-term uncertainty.

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Supercharged Superhero – a book for families with chronic illness

Gemma Everson is the author of Supercharged Superhero, a story she wrote for her daughter to help her navigate through the emotions and eventual acceptance of her dad’s chronic illness.

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One Spiritual Discipline to Cope with Coronavirus Fear

How do we deal with fear in these times? What can help navigate the understandable fear we have without it descending into crippling anxiety?

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Finding Contentment in Chronic Illness – Liz Carter

“We find contentment when we look to Jesus within our pain rather than waiting for the pain to go. Laying out our suffering before God and others – and refusing to let bitterness become our script – allows us to reach further into the depths of God and find unexpected treasure.
If contentment seems elusive to you, remember that God’s love is far bigger, far wider than we can know…” – Liz Carter

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Copyright Tanya Marlow sunset lament

Lament for the Disbelieved

’Lament’ sounds very spiritual and dignified. What it looks like in practice is ugly-crying in your front garden while the sun sets.

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Interview with Ruth O’Reilly for UCB 2 – on chronic illness

Listen here for the replay of my LIVE interview with radio UCB 2’s Ruth O’Reilly – talking for 35 minutes on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and why what helps chronic illness sufferers is counter-intuitive to most Christians.

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Tools and Treasures #fiveminutefriday

The origin of the word ‘provide’ gives us a different perspective on the word – before-seeing, or foresight. The God who provides is the God who sees ahead. We couldn’t anticipate our circumstances, nor what we would need. Alongside our scrabbling around to get the help we needed, we also found unexpected supplies to help us on the way. 

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To the One Bruised by Church (at Off the Page)

I started to wonder: can we reframe our experiences in the wilderness? Rather than being a curse, what if spiritual wilderness is a strange blessing?

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