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How to Deal with Difficult Emotions – Interview with Maria Rodrigues

On 24th March I joined Maria Rodrigues on her excellent Woman to Woman show for Premier Christian Radio, talking about how we lament and deal with difficult emotions during this time when we have lost so much.

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Words Can Never Hurt Me

Have you ever taken someone’s hurtful words about you deep into your soul, only to later realise that those words were a lie that you should have rejected?

This post is all about that process, and how to respond when someone’s words cut you to the quick.

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When Good Girls Get Angry

I love the church, and I love the evangelical tradition, but sometimes I fear it has not equipped me for dealing with anger, or indeed any strong emotion. I am here, carried on a whirling tornado of fury, and all the church says is, “Stop feeling angry.”

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The Most Dangerous Thing a Woman Can Do

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever been ashamed of their emotions, anyone who’s felt vulnerable for crying in a public space.

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The Memory Keeper

Eventually I sob out to a few friends on Voxer: Who am I? What am I doing with my life? – and it feels good to have released something. My friend Sarah replies, and says that in lots of cultures around the world, the women, particularly the mothers, are the archivists. They record the memories, take the photos, write the stories.

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Overwhelmed – D L Mayfield

I was allowed to be myself. I was allowed to be overwhelmed, and I wasn’t rushed to the tidy, theologically correct end. I was discovering a God who could handle all my upset and questions, I was discovering a God who was not placidly unconcerned about our world—in fact, this God of the Bible seemed to have some very intense emotions too.

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Deliver us from evil

I was transferring my text books from my locker into my school bag when a fellow student burst into the sixth-form common room.   “You,” she said, with eyes full of fire and fury, “you’re a Christian. Where was God when this happened?”   She indicated the headline on the newspaper. Sixteen children and one […]

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The noonday demon {guest post}

I have been privileged to have known Kath for more than a decade. She is not the shouty sort, you have to listen in close. But it is worth it, every whispered word is worth it. Over to Kath:   As I sit here wondering how to participate well in this excellent series on God […]

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