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Supercharged Superhero – a book for families with chronic illness

Gemma Everson is the author of Supercharged Superhero, a story she wrote for her daughter to help her navigate through the emotions and eventual acceptance of her dad’s chronic illness.

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I am from {She loves synchroblog}

I am in the middle of a few days of feeling completely wiped, but this synchroblog from She Loves magazine was too irresistible, so I have indulged in some gentle therapeutic writing, to give you an idea of my family background. The template can be found here – try it, it’s fun!   I’m from […]

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Halfway here

It’s ‘Five minute Friday’ time, joining with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us 1 word, we write for 5 minutes flat – no backtracking or editing, throwing caution to the wind. Check out others’ five-minute offerings by clicking on the button below.   This is my best five minutes on ‘Here’. I lie on the sofa, […]

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