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Christian Book Reviews – Spring 2017

In Feb – April 2017 I read some great Christian books – including some more academic theology. Read on for six recommendations! (And tomorrow – nine fantastic fiction books!)

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Jesus Feminist: A Review

If you are a woman, weary of being silenced, and wondering what your place is in the church, then this book will make you want to stand again, and probably sing and dance too.

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Christian Conferences and Invisible Women

We need to appoint into leadership those whom society devalues – not because of any worldly political correctness, but because of the Bible, and the character of God. God loves the widow and orphan and foreigner. He is a God of the oppressed minority.

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Twitter is not the problem. Porn is.

I stared at the screen, horrified. Sometimes you wish you can un-see words. I had read Vicky Beeching’s recent blog post detailing the some of the Twitter abuse she had received following her support of the #LoseTheLadsMags Twitter campaign. It made my jaw drop to see the extent of the vile and misogynistic tweets. I […]

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Things I have learnt from #femfest

I’ve loved taking part in feminisms fest this week, and have really appreciated thinking this issue through with others. There have been some great posts all linked up in the sites below, so do check them out:   JR Goudeau – feminisms and me (stories of feminism) From two to one – why does feminism […]

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How I became a feminist

“Let me read to you from today’s paper,” she said, and though her voice was loud her hands shook slightly as she held out the newspaper. We were crammed in for assembly, cross-legged, feeling uncomfortably younger than our sixth-form status. “…yet another attack on Mo Mowlam’s appearance.” I vaguely knew who Mo Mowlam was. “…cancer. […]

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