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On penguins and parenting

It had been about four months since our lives had been irreparably split open and we were on the sofa together, watching TV.   It had been four months since I gave birth, since the exertion of labour tipped my illness into ‘severe’, since the world outside had become closed to me; friendships paused, visits […]

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The dress

The car pulled up to the church, and the driver helped me out. I stepped onto the path, my silk-white high heels making the tiniest crunch on the gravel. And then I looked down at my dress. My dress! At some point on the journey it had turned yellow. It was bright yellow. My dress […]

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Paradise Lost

There were some words in stone, as if written by the finger of God: “You are nearer to God in a garden than any other place on earth”. It was on the first paving slab of the path in our garden. My parents hadn’t put it there, I guess it had been commissioned by a […]

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Easily broken

Last week I broke my iPad. Anyone who owns any Apple product will already be inwardly shuddering, but let me spell out the scale of this catastrophe for the uninitiated: It was not just any Apple product, but my NEW shiny iPad, bought for as a gift for Christmas. I use it every day for […]

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