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What I’m Into – Mar/Apr 2016

This is a late, double-bill edition of What I’m Into – the Mysterious SuperVirus ME Relapse edition. Which means LOTS of recommendations – including Addie Zierman, Carolyn Custis James, Carolyn Weber, LB Hathaway, Helen Dunmore, Joshua Ferris – plus birthday photos and #FrontdoorSunbathing

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Ten Years of severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – #tenforjen

She is my hero, because, like Job, she endures. We admire those who climb mountains and endure freezing temperatures, and history applauds them. But where are the records and awards for those who climb mountains of pain and isolation, day after day, for decades?

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Rainbows In My Eyes – M.E. Awareness

There are times in life when you hear of suffering so great that it momentarily robs you of your breath. That was my reaction when reading of Jenny Rowbory’s life. While in her first term at university (studying Medicine), she became suddenly and severely ill with M.E. In her own words, this has been her […]

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