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Jenny Urgent Operation Appeal

Jenny Rowbory urgently needs your help. So many of you gave generously back in January, and it made me weep with gratitude. I would be forever grateful if we all could make this possible for Jenny. Can we please save her life?

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Jenny Rowbory – Suffering and the Vulnerability of God

When Jenny Rowbory talks about suffering, I listen. Jenny has walked with God many years through unbearable pain, and I deeply respect her theology. So I’m absolutely overjoyed to have her permission to share with you her words on suffering and the vulnerability of God, which I’ve arranged in an interview style – please read, absorb and share widely.

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The One Secret to Contentment with God #fiveminutefriday

You want to be the best Christian you can be – with the least effort and the most fun.

What does it take to achieve this longed-for wonderful Christian life? I have the secret, and I will share it here.

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