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How to Deal with Difficult Emotions – Interview with Maria Rodrigues

On 24th March I joined Maria Rodrigues on her excellent Woman to Woman show for Premier Christian Radio, talking about how we lament and deal with difficult emotions during this time when we have lost so much.

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Lament for the Disbelieved

’Lament’ sounds very spiritual and dignified. What it looks like in practice is ugly-crying in your front garden while the sun sets.

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Blessed Are the Overdramatic (She Loves)

Blessed are the overdramatic – for so were all the prophets of God. Blessed are the oversensitive, the overwhelmed, for your lament is a holy work

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Are We Doing Harvest Festival Wrong?

The subtitle for this piece could be ‘Why I think it would be awesome if I led a Harvest Festival assembly where I lit a cigarette and made all the children cry’.

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