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Finding Myself in Britain – an interview with Amy Boucher Pye

Today I’m really excited to be hosting interviewing author Amy Boucher Pye, author of the popular Finding Myself in Britain, and GIVING AWAY TWO COPIES OF HER BOOK. Find out what Americans find surprising about Brits, the unexpected costs of leaving your own country, and what it means to find your identity in Christ when you feel like you don’t belong anywhere. Enjoy!

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The Fellowship of the Broken – Matt Bays

But just because we understand where our pain comes from and how it has affected us, and even forgiven our offender, does not mean it disappears. This is the problem with self-help, visualization techniques, and daily affirmations; they are not bad per se, but we often try to apply them to deeper issues that will not have a magic wand waved over them.

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The Wilderness {guest post}

Elora Ramirez is a remarkable woman, full of passion and compassion. She is the founder of The Story Unfolding (offering story coaching and the excellent Story 101 and Story 201 online writing courses I’ve been enjoying), and the author of Every Shattered Thing, which I reviewed earlier. Her writing is fire and beauty, and I […]

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