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Best Advent Resources 2015

Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas – including Advent Courses, Books, Advent Calendars, Children’s books and Christmas music.

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What I’m Into (January 2015)

It went something like this: Jon and I told the boy we were having a book launch party. The boy, quite reasonably, thought that ‘party’ meant ‘party’, i.e. an event with lots of people to celebrate the launch of my book, but we disappointed him by telling him there were no presents at Book Launch Parties, or in our case, any guests . We were celebrating with a steak dinner and an early night. Nevertheless, the boy was very taken by drinking fizzy elderflower drink out of a champagne glass after bedtime, and decided he would quite like a launch party of his own.

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Advent resources and e-course

Advent means ‘coming’. We tend to think of Advent as preparing for Christmas (ie preparing for remembering Jesus’ first coming), but traditionally the focus was on preparing our hearts for Jesus’ second coming.

Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas:

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The gift of music? {Christianity and Creativity series}

I had the pleasure of working alongside Clive Parnell briefly when we were both involved in student ministry. He is a talented singer-songwriter with a passion for God’s word and the gospel is obvious. His songs beg to be sung at top volume out of the window of your car as you drive along sunny […]

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A Theology of Hair-curlers (Call to Creativity)

  “So – I’ve been thinking about a theology of hair curlers recently – how are you?”   It had been a while since I last had a friend round, and I had a whole lot of pent-up extrovert energy. I babbled like my young son: a mixture of dying to tell someone what I’d […]

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My flute: a love story

“I don’t know – maybe I should call my flute teacher, the one who teaches me,” said my flute teacher to my mother. “It could be that she’s taking a little longer to get the knack of the tone because she hasn’t got the right shaped mouth. Some people don’t.”   I stood in my […]

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