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I am tired (an M.E. update)

I don’t know where to start, so perhaps I shall say this: every single attempt to get the NHS to treat me for my M.E. feels like a battle.

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100K – M.E. Awareness

I wanted to end this week of M.E. Awareness by asking you to do me a favour. Please do one of these three things below to help M.E. sufferers like me. They all involve a key number: 100,000. 1. GIVE £100K is the amount needed to open an M.E. Centre of Excellence in Norwich, UK. […]

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Why should you care about M.E.?

The importance of awareness This is the first time I have marked the M.E. Awareness Week, despite having been diagnosed with it for 6 years. Before, I always thought, ‘why do people need to be aware of my illness? Isn’t that just whingeing?’   But now I see the importance. We need people to be […]

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