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Love means you keep showing up

I was too ill to speak to anyone, so they could not love through words or presence.
Our church loved us with food and ironed clothes.

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Where creative meets Creator {Christianity and Creativity series}

Esther Emery is a writer and a half, and I love reading her words. She also happens to be living her summer days in a yurt (like a tent), doing a sustainable-living adventure, in the middle of nowhere. With no electricity. She has amazing insights into what it really looks like to live the creative […]

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The Unspectacular Holy Work of Writing {Christianity and creativity series}

Whenever Ed Cyzeswki talks about creativity, I listen up. His short book on creativity played a key part in shaping my thinking on creativity and Christianity, and at £0.77 is well worth investing in. He studied to be a pastor and is now a writer, and the author of several books. It’s great to have […]

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Anyway: or Confessions of a recovering perfectionist

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.   Sitting on a leather sofa, sipping water and wiping tears, I presented her with my angsty questions. I looked at her proper grown-up mantel piece and knew that I was supposed to be grown up by now, in my mid-twenties.   She pulled her fingers through […]

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Suffering Training {guest post}

Dave Lamb and his wife, Shannon are two of my real life heroes. I had the pleasure of observing them in life and  ministry during their time in Oxford. Dave’s recent book, God Behaving Badly, on the character of God in the Old Testament was instrumental in helping me re-fall in love with God after […]

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Repainting life with your teeth

This post first appeared as a guest post for Anita Mathias’ excellent blog, Dreaming Beneath the Spires.  You can check it out here. When I was twelve, I was asked to give a book review to the rest of the class.  It was supposed to be on our favourite book.  Lots of other girls stood […]

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