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Blessed Are the Overdramatic (She Loves)

Blessed are the overdramatic – for so were all the prophets of God. Blessed are the oversensitive, the overwhelmed, for your lament is a holy work

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Speaking Life, Disarming Love {guest post}

There’s a richness and prophetic insight to Suzannah Paul‘s words that I cannot get enough of. She fights for justice in the best of ways, through powerful peace. Over to Suzannah: They’re willful, the both of them. Like their mama, I suppose. Not much for people pleasing or authority. (Like their mama?) Parenting is a […]

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This Should Not Be

I have always had a passion for issues of justice.  I have this on good authority from my parents.  (Apparently I used to say, ‘That’s not fair!’ a lot.  Obviously, some may translate this as a small child being annoyed at not getting her own way.  I myself prefer to see it as an early […]

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