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On bidding goodbye to a difficult year

Sometimes you have to grieve a difficult year before you can celebrate it. Sometimes we have to feel it all before we can move on.

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Like those who dreamed

¬†How do you pray when the joy has gone and your present experience is a place of tears? How do you process it when all the good things in your life are in the past, and your present is just hard work and sorrow? ******** Remembering My Bible reading for today happened to be Psalm […]

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Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

Last night I told my husband (slightly sheepishly) that I had bought some MORE children’s books. I like to buy children’s books and my boy likes to read them. It is not just a purchase, it is an Investment. So I am reasonably sure that although we didn’t discuss this purchase together beforehand (as we […]

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