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Lament for the Disbelieved

’Lament’ sounds very spiritual and dignified. What it looks like in practice is ugly-crying in your front garden while the sun sets.

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God at the Edges

But God was there, at the edges, in every one of these homes. I couldn’t always see him straight on. He was in the neighbor who gave me safe harbor, the sister who prayed with me, the teacher who called social services.
All the odds were against me, against my survival, but God kept showing up.

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Dirty {guest post}

Alia Joy writes so powerfully, and digs deep – each blog post is pure pleasure to read. I love her words and her story – both are full of raw beauty. This is her God and Suffering story and it is a privilege to host it:   ***Trigger warning: this post has explicit references to […]

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