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Have mercy on me, a sinner

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that confession would be quite so popular – “1. yelled at my husband before 8am. 2. hated twenty different people on Twitter for being rude. 3. didn’t read the Bible because I couldn’t be bothered #3badthings”. I don’t think it would catch on, somehow.

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Sloth: Couch potato vs Workaholic

“The antidote to laziness is not to work harder. It’s easy to work a 70-hour-week and then get ill. Anyone can do it. Many are. “If you want to avoid the deadly sins of sloth and workaholism, there is a harder call.”   The team at Threads magazine are doing a great series on the […]

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Paradise Lost

  There were some words in stone, as if written by the finger of God:   “You are nearer to God in a garden than any other place on earth”.   It was on the first paving slab of the path in our garden. My parents hadn’t put it there, I guess it had been […]

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Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

This post first appeared as a guest post for Anita Mathias’ excellent blog, Dreaming Beneath the Spires.  You can check it out here. Last night I told my husband (slightly sheepishly) that I had bought some MORE children’s books.   I like to buy children’s books and my boy likes to read them. It is […]

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Easily broken

Last week I broke my iPad. Anyone who owns any Apple product will already be inwardly shuddering, but let me spell out the scale of this catastrophe for the uninitiated: It was not just any Apple product, but my NEW shiny iPad, bought for as a gift for Christmas. I use it every day for […]

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