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Telling the Old, Old Stories – in marriage and faith

This is what we do when we’re first in love – we gush about the stories of our love and make long lists of what we love about our beloved.

And when that love has gone on for many years – still, we tell the stories of our love.

We tell our love stories to remember our history, the path we forged alongside one another, the foundations and pillars that hold us together. 

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Rachel’s Story – Prepare Them Room 1

in the style of Those Who Wait. It’s called Prepare Them Room – a series of dramatic monologues exploring Advent through the lens of the Holy Family as refugees – and why we harden our hearts against those in need.

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Tell Me a Story (Five Minute Friday #FMF)

Whenever I am despairing of life, it is the honesty of the Bible that saves me. I am that child again, looking into the eyes of the storyteller, stuck in the middle, but longing for that good ending I’m promised.

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Finding God in Fairytales – Mudroom

I’m excited to be talking at The Mudroom today about two things I love – God, and fairytales

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Walking Beside Death – Shawn Smucker

living in such close proximity to death had marked me. I woke up at night, sensing its heavy breathing on the back of my neck. I saw it everywhere I went: its inevitability, its steady, onward march. It will eventually take everyone I love. It will eventually take me. I paced the house. I felt anxious and afraid.

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Truth that comes in sideways

What is the best way to teach the Bible?   I was formerly a lecturer in Biblical Theology, and my job was to train people to preach the Bible faithfully and well. I loved it.   I love preaching and teaching the Bible. I am a fan of the expositional 45 minute pseudo-lecture sermon, the […]

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Bits’n’Blogs (April 2013)

I’m here, but I’m not really here. I’m just popping in, and loading up my Twitter app with scheduled tweets, to tell you about the best of the blogs for April. Tomorrow I’ll post my ‘what I’m into’ for April. and then you’ll have a whole lot of great things to read while I abstain […]

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The box

Joining with Amber on Mondays for concretewords, where we practise writing by communicating the abstract through concrete things – a Horse, a book, stairs – and today The Box. These concrete words posts have led me on a journey through childhood and nostalgia and spiritual maturity – I write and that’s what comes out at […]

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