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The Things We Never Say – The Silent Suffering of Parents

[Jesus] has appeared to me, again and again, in spit-up and poopy diapers, in weepy eyes and runny noses. He has appeared in the mess and the tiredness of it all, and said, Here, touch me. Put your hand in my side.

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Embracing the Body – an interview with Tara M Owens

Today I have something special – an exclusive interview with Tara Owens. She’s one of my dearest friends in the whole world, and she is the author of Embracing the Body: Finding God in our Flesh and Bone. It is an exquisite, wise, vulnerable book about the theology and spirituality of the body, not just viewing our bodies as the world does (obsession) or as the church often does (denial) but reclaiming a Christian view of our bodies, and how awareness of our body can reconnect us with God. I’m delighted to share this chat we had about her spiritual journey, writing tips, and body image:

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Advent resources and e-course

Advent means ‘coming’. We tend to think of Advent as preparing for Christmas (ie preparing for remembering Jesus’ first coming), but traditionally the focus was on preparing our hearts for Jesus’ second coming.

Here are some ways you can mark Advent and prepare thoughtfully for Christmas:

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Advent and Christmas Recommendations, (Books, Music, and E-Courses)

Advent is a penitential season (like Lent). Traditionally, this was a time of fasting and prayer before the feasting of Christmas. Here is a selection of the best resources (books, music, e-course) to help you mark Advent and prepare for Christmas.

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