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But his books are still good, right? – 5 things Christians must stop saying about sexual abusers

Thechurch’s responses to Ravi Zacharias’ reveal that the church as a whole has been groomed by sexually abusive leaders into minimising the offence of sexual and spiritual abuse. These responses make it easier for abusers to keep abusing. 

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On heaven and hospital food

I will be continuing my 1 Peter Fiction series next week, but for today I am over at Preston Yancey’s fine abode, guest posting on a series called ‘an everlasting meal and a moveable feast’. Today I am sharing about a time that is still a little vulnerable for me: the week after I gave […]

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A Father’s love {guest post}

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick Parish since university days. His writing at that time was limited to the CU newsletters (which were surprisingly entertaining, as I recall). He is someone who always makes me see God afresh, genuinely cares for others and writes with a whimsical self-deprecating sense of humour. This combination […]

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