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The Things We Never Say – The Silent Suffering of Parents

[Jesus] has appeared to me, again and again, in spit-up and poopy diapers, in weepy eyes and runny noses. He has appeared in the mess and the tiredness of it all, and said, Here, touch me. Put your hand in my side.

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Like me, like me, like me (Confessions of a social media addict)

crisis hits, you grab whatever lifeline you can in order to survive. Facebook and Twitter saved me from loneliness at the most difficult time of my life. But if you’re not careful, the rope that once saved you can become a noose around your neck.

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Does the Internet Reveal the True You?

What’s the best way of getting to know someone—their blog and social media presence, or in person?
Where do you most reveal your true self—in person, or online?
I’m guessing most people would say unhesitatingly, ‘in person.’ But before you confidently plump for that option, consider Jane Austen.

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Words Can Never Hurt Me

Have you ever taken someone’s hurtful words about you deep into your soul, only to later realise that those words were a lie that you should have rejected?

This post is all about that process, and how to respond when someone’s words cut you to the quick.

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Truth that comes in sideways

What is the best way to teach the Bible? I was formerly a lecturer in Biblical Theology, and my job was to train people to preach the Bible faithfully and well. I loved it. I love preaching and teaching the Bible. I am a fan of the expositional 45 minute pseudo-lecture sermon, the well-illustrated sermon, […]

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Twitter is not the problem. Porn is.

I stared at the screen, horrified. Sometimes you wish you can un-see words. I had read Vicky Beeching’s recent blog post detailing the some of the Twitter abuse she had received following her support of the #LoseTheLadsMags Twitter campaign. It made my jaw drop to see the extent of the vile and misogynistic tweets. I […]

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Suffering and Glory {guest post}

Addie Zierman is one of my favourite writers. She has an uncanny way of getting under the skin of things, of truth-telling so effortlessly and beautifully. I have lost count of the times when I have gone to her blog and found the very thing I was pondering, expressed with more dignity and beauty than […]

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Get angry at God: Job did

A Biblical basis for expressing anger at God Last week I posed this question, ‘If anger is the correct emotional response to injustice, surely being angry at God is calling God unjust. Therefore, is it a sin to be angry with God?‘ I was really grateful for your answers, which were all thoughtful and thought-provoking. […]

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