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The Wilderness {guest post}

Elora Ramirez is a remarkable woman, full of passion and compassion. She is the founder of The Story Unfolding (offering story coaching and the excellent Story 101 and Story 201 online writing courses I’ve been enjoying), and the author of Every Shattered Thing, which I reviewed earlier. Her writing is fire and beauty, and I […]

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Get angry at God: Job did

A Biblical basis for expressing anger at God   Last week I posed this question, ‘If anger is the correct emotional response to injustice, surely being angry at God is calling God unjust. Therefore, is it a sin to be angry with God?‘   I was really grateful for your answers, which were all thoughtful […]

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Worship first, then wrestle

Have you ever looked at a Christian who has undergone great suffering and wondered how they can still remain so positive and joyful in God? ********* Last year two of my friends were expecting their first baby. They were excited and scared, like any first-time parents. There were no indications in the pregnancy that anything […]

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