Tipping Point

Although I had carefully recorded several animated kids’ movies for my boy over Christmas, last Saturday he only wanted to watch one thing: Tipping Point.

If you’ve never been introduced to the cinematic delights of Tipping Point, the premise is this: four people are asked quiz questions in a short amount of time. They get given a coin for however many they answer correctly.

This is where it gets interesting. They get to insert those coins, into one of those gambling machines with overbalancing coins and a slow-moving pushing platform. The coins balance on the edge waiting for that one extra to finally push them over, whereupon the contestants collect prizes and money.

Watching it was hypnotic. The initial placement of one coin looked like it would be the one to push a whole load down, but it just filled a gap and spread the pack out. Sometimes piles of coins that looked ready to fall continued to defy gravity, and breakthroughs came in unexpected parts. Sometimes a player would put in all the hard work spending multiple coins with no fruit and the next player would have just one coin and get all the benefit.


There’s a moral here (aside from the fact that those coin machines are seriously addictive and don’t pay out much…)

It can feel like we’re doing nothing when you’re campaigning, or writing, or trying to instil values in kids who seem to ignore what you say.

We’re all just doing our bit with the resources we have to nudge a situation or the world into a slightly better position. Sometimes we see that result directly. Sometimes we’re just part of the build-up.

But praise heaven, there’s always a tipping point, however impossible it may seem. and together we can be people who nudge a situation a little closer to being good. Occasionally, because of these nudges, we get a glimpse of a world that more closely reflects God’s love, peace and justice and rejoice. Sometimes we fill a gap and increase the pressure for change. Sometimes change finally comes. Whatever our role, we need to play our part and keep going, keep nudging, persevering in doing good, because someday change happens.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9, NIV Bible

With many thanks to the multiple ME campaigners who have secured a parliamentary debate in the UK on the 24th January to invest more in biomedical research. Be an influencer for good using just five minutes of your time – please click here NOW .

Joining with #fiveminutefriday. This was my best five minutes on influence

Over to you:

  • What keeps you motivated in playing your part in doing good and loving justice and mercy?

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  1. Ruth 20th January, 2019 at 3:01 pm #

    Thank you Tanya. I just did the MP email via the link. It was so easy – I didn’t even need to try to remember my MP’s name!


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