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Welcome to the Those Who Wait Synchroblog!

This is to celebrate the release of Those Who Wait, published this week. Details about the synchroblog and how to join in are below. Anyone can link up if you’ve written something on waiting. Alternatively, you can write a poem, like mine, based on what you’ve been waiting for all your life.

I am waiting: a poem

for banana medicine to make me better. Medicine always makes you feel better.
for my mum to judge me the victim in this argument. After all, my sister bit me. I only gouged her skin out with my nails.
for someone to play with me in the playground.
to be old enough for the church to confirm me as a Christian. I’m ten years old and I’ve already been a Christian for 3 YEARS.

to be the beautiful one instead of just the brainy one
for some boys to like me instead of my best friends
to feel like I belong
to feel special, like I stand out from the crowd
to get the best grades. The best.

to get into the best university. The best.
to get better from glandular fever. Why is it taking so long?
to know why God would allow suffering
for the doubt to go
to stop feeling like a failure
for God
to marry my boyfriend
to get better from glandular fever. Why is it taking so long?

for university to be over so I can get married
to stop hurting from the break-up.
for that annoying Jon to stop hanging around.
to understand Old English. Or middle English. Or in-between-the-two English.
to feel competent
to stop smiling. I love him. Who knew? I never want university to end.
to stop feeling like I have glandular fever again every time I get ill.
to find the perfect ring. (found it)
to find the perfect dress. (found it)
to finally be married after a whole six months of engagement
for a job.
any job.
seriously, any job at all.

for another job. (found it)
to prove myself worthy
to be picked
to feel competent
for people to notice ( I hope they do)
for people to notice (I hope they don’t)

for a diagnosis
for answers
for healing
for helpful doctors
for a baby
for healing
for freedom
for God
for God
for God
© T L Marlow, 2017

What did you think? What have you been waiting for in your life?

If you want to join in, then just link up your own blog post on waiting with my post, using the inlinkz tool below. The link will be up for a week, so if you’re just discovering this synchroblog, you still have time to link. I look forward to reading each one.

How to play:
write any blog post on the theme of waiting. If you like, you can make it a poem on waiting, modelled on the one I’ve done above, simply by listing the things you were waiting for at various times of your life.
– When you publish it on your blog or on Facebook, please add, ‘This is part of the synchroblog on waiting, to celebrate the release of Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay by Tanya Marlow – out now. See more here and link up to the synchroblog here.’
Link it up below 
– visit the two entries before you, leaving a quick comment on their site. That’s it!

Those Who Wait: Finding God in Doubt, Disappointment and Delay – Tanya Marlow (Malcolm Down 2017) is a creative journey through the lives of four biblical saints who waited impatiently. It’s for anyone who is waiting for something, (which is all of us), but struggles with it, (which is most of us).

For more details, including the special introductory offer, click here.

What are you waiting for? Link yours up here now!

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