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Best 15 Books of 2019

SO many good books this year – here’s my round-up of my top 15 favourites (five Christian books, five memoir, five fiction).

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Practical and Disability Theology Books 2019

I’ve loved lecturing on disability theology and pastoral theology, so here’s a selection of my reading and recommendations. My favourites were Raging with Compassion, The Disabled God and The Book of Job.

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Book Reviews – Fiction and Christian Autumn/Winter 2019

Fifteen books of top fiction, children’s books and Christian books for Christmas 2019

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Fiction and Children’s Fiction Reviews Spring 2019

What I’ve been reading in March-May 2019 – Pat Barker, Anna Burns, L B Hathaway, Alice Broadway, KatherineRundell, Jessica Townsend, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Robert Louis Stevenson

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Book Reviews Jan-Feb 2019

Here are six fiction and 2 non-fiction books for you to explore including contemporary literature, classic literature, and a don’t miss memoir – enjoy!

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Non-fiction and Children’s Book Reviews May-Dec 2018

This is overdue, but let me present to you the 6 non-fiction and 14 children’s books I read in the latter half of 2018.

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Review – Phoebe by Paula Gooder

What’s special about Phoebe is Paula Gooder’s ability to teach complex theological issues simply, via good story. Phoebe reignites the passions of those who’ve fallen out of love with Paul’s New Testament, gives lovers of the Bible accessible theology and ‘aha!’ moments as they realise what ’slave and free’ together meant for the first-century church, and provides an essential resource for Bible teachers and preachers.

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Jonathan Bryan holds Eye Can Write

Eye Can Write – interview with Jonathan Bryan

Jonathan Bryan was born with severe cerebral palsy but learnt to write using eye movements. His memoir, Eye Can Write, is highly intelligent and beautiful.

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