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The weight and the wait {guest post}

Leigh Kramer is one of those rare kindred spirits that you find on the internet who makes me glad for worldwide connections and computer scientists. She thinks and cares deeply, and she’s generous-hearted to the core. I love her words and I’m glad she’s here today. Here’s her story:   The weight settled so gradually, […]

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How do you know if you’re called?

It was 1999.  I was sitting in a room with a tear-stained girl my own age and we were asking each other the question, ‘How do you know if you’re called to ministry?’ I’m honoured to be guest-posting for Ed Czyewski today for his Women in Ministry series. I have loved following his series and […]

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I am because He is {guest post}

Here it is! – the first guest post telling their story of God and Suffering. This week’s post is from the lovely Natalie Collins, who works with Restored to end violence against women. I am always inspired by her passion and honesty.  Here is her story.     As I shared the story of my […]

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Paul, Prison and Paralympics

“…And then a light clicked on for me. I thought of the chains of my disability. I thought of Paul, imprisoned in his house, unable to preach the gospel openly. I thought of his goal to go to the far nations, to preach where the gospel had not gone before. I thought of his love […]

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Here she is. Send her.

I was in a church service, worshipping God. The preacher stopped, and said, ‘there are some here whom God is calling to mission. If you think that’s you, then come to the front.’   My spirit leapt within me as soon as I heard those words, my heart bursting with love for God and a […]

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Writing with my left hand

Do you know what your calling is? It is notoriously difficult to discern one’s calling, which is to say, ‘how do I know what God wants me to do with my life? There’s the kind of calling which is “Calling-with-a-Capital C’. This ‘Capital-C-Calling’ is the kind that happened in the Old Testament, the kind that […]

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