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When I Need Healing – Marvia Davidson

This group of women became the hands and feet of Jesus to me. I realized I didn’t have to try so hard.  I didn’t have to strive.  There was nothing for me to do because God had already done all the hard work. My life hadn’t been working because I was trying to do what only Jesus could have done.

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When Loneliness Sat Beside Me

I heard pastors and church people tell me that loneliness was a sign that I don’t quite love God enough, that I need to try harder to be satisfied by Him alone. That the cure for loneliness is to draw closer to Jesus. I think they were wrong.

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My flute: a love story

“I don’t know – maybe I should call my flute teacher, the one who teaches me,” said my flute teacher to my mother. “It could be that she’s taking a little longer to get the knack of the tone because she hasn’t got the right shaped mouth. Some people don’t.”   I stood in my […]

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